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Gl. Holtegaard is an art center with a programme of three to four ambitious exhibitions a year, both in the gallery of the main house and in the Baroque garden. The mission is to present contemporary and classical artworks that make history relevant and bring a fresh perspective to the age in which we live.

The gallery’s unique location in the historical buildings and grounds of Lauritz de Thurah’s Baroque complex is an integrated part of the exhibition profile. It is precisely this context that makes it possible to bring contemporary art into close contact with the historical material Gammel Holtegaard is made of.

The Baroque garden is thus seen as an extended gallery, and exhibitions there are as carefully curated and presented as the indoor ones in the annual programme.

Gammel Holtegaard has a diverse year-round programme of events and activities relating to the exhibitions and to Gammel Holtegaard itself. These include artist talks, performances, talks, debates, garden tours, concerts, and much more.

Exhibitions (

YOU TOO WILL GET OLD, 1/6/24-1/9/24

Gammel Holtegaard’s summer exhibition You Too Will Get Old presents two solo shows by what at first glance would seem to be very different artists. Currently experiencing a major revival in the Danish art world, award-winning artist Kirsten Christensen (1943) presents an exclusive selection of works on loan from museums and private collectors, some of them never on view to the public before. At the other end of Gammel Holtegaard is Swedish artist Linnéa Sjöberg (1983) with a choice selection of key works from her oeuvre as her Danish debut.

NINA BEIER, 1/6/24-1/12/24

The internationally recognised Danish artist Nina Beier develops a large-scale new work for the baroque garden at Gammel Holtegaard. Marble is often part of Beier’s artistic practice, reflecting her interest in the material itself but especially the development of natural stone from its raw geological state to cultural artefact. In Beier’s works the gap between the history of an object and the symbolic value it accrues is accentuated and twisted in new juxtapositions and encounters. For Island the artist has collected slabs of marble and other stone originally cut to make kitchens and bathrooms. These she has spread in a specific section of the garden where they form a geological map of the world, transforming the original and natural into a kind of architecture that can be seen as an extension of the controlled design principles of a baroque garden.


Gl. Holtegaard is located north of Copenhagen, and both entrance and public transport is included in COPENHAGEN CARD - DISCOVER. We recommend using to plan your trip.


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