Gl Holtegaard

Gl. Holtegaard is an art center with a programme of three to four ambitious exhibitions a year, both in the gallery of the main house and in the Baroque garden. The mission is to present contemporary and classical artworks that make history relevant and bring a fresh perspective to the age in which we live.

The gallery’s unique location in the historical buildings and grounds of Lauritz de Thurah’s Baroque complex is an integrated part of the exhibition profile. It is precisely this context that makes it possible to bring contemporary art into close contact with the historical material Gammel Holtegaard is made of.

The Baroque garden is thus seen as an extended gallery, and exhibitions there are as carefully curated and presented as the indoor ones in the annual programme.

Gammel Holtegaard has a diverse year-round programme of events and activities relating to the exhibitions and to Gammel Holtegaard itself. These include artist talks, performances, talks, debates, garden tours, concerts, and much more.

Closed between exhibitions. 

Current exhibition: In the Realm of Fantasy, March 3rd - August 6th 2023

In the early 1900s Swedish painter Isaac Grünewald (1889-1946) both fascinated and outraged people in Sweden and Denmark with his vividly coloured modern paintings, flamboyant lifestyle, and staunch belief in a new style of decorative, expressive painting.

The exhibition is a solo presentation of Grünewald’s works, reflecting the colourful, expressionistic qualities of his mentor Matisse, but also charting his discovery of a direction of his own as a Scandinavian modernist. Isaac Grünewald was one of a kind, and his oeuvre points to a new, Nordic style of decorative expressionism and the independent movement it became.


Opening Hours

03.03.2023 - 31.12.2023:
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Attemosevej 170

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