How it works


People downloading the app

1. Download the free app on your phone

You can easily download your free COPENHAGEN CARD App for iOS or Android and get your digital COPENHAGEN CARD(s) right away. You can use the app offline and on flight-mode once the card has been activated.

Be careful not to activate your card before you are ready to start exploring!

Buy and redeem Copenhagen Card in the app

2. Buy or redeem

If you have bought your digital card on our website, you can redeem it on your phone by entering the reference number received in your confirmation e-mail.

If you buy your card directly on your smartphone, you only need to activate it in the app when you are ready to start using the card.

Your Copenhagen Card is valid from time of activation

3. Activate and enjoy!

When you are ready to explore Copenhagen, you must remember to activate the card in the app, before using it. Please note that all cards on the same order will be activated at the same time

Scan your digital COPENHAGEN CARDTM's barcode at each attraction and show it to the transport authorities, upon request.

There is no need to tap your card anywhere before entering.

Copenhagen Card is Always Digital

The COPENHAGEN CARD is 100% digital and works through our app 'Copenhagen Card City Guide', which can be downloaded for free via App Store or Google Play

It works offline, so you don't have to worry about international data. You only need internet to activate your card.

The time starts when you activate your card. Please note that all cards will be activated at the same time, if you bought them in one order.

The card can be bought via our website or directly in the app. Regardless, you will receive a digital card that can be use in the app.

See here how to download.

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Copenhagen Card includes easy access to 80+ attractions

Keep Copenhagen in your pocket

The app contains information about the city's best attractions - including opening hours - a map where all the attractions are pinned, and an organizing tool where you can "favourite" the attractions you want to visit.

Organize all you favorite attractions in the app


How do I activate my card?
How long is the card valid?
I accidently activated my card. What do I do?
Can I extend the validity of my card?
What does it mean to activate a card?
I live in a different time-zone. Is that a problem?
How do I activate my card?

Buy your card via our app and activate it easily with a simple click. Go to “My cards” or push the green QR-logo, after which you will see your COPENHAGEN CARD. Push the activate button and swipe “activate”. Note that it can't be undone as soon as you have activated your card.

If you have bought your card via our website, you must first enter the order reference received in your order confirmation to redeem the card in the app. Then, you are ready to activate it.