Home of Carlsberg

At Home of Carlsberg, you step inside an iconic area with an exhibition and attraction in the heart of Carlsberg's original brewery. You will be taken back to where it all started in 1847 with the story of what Carlsberg was and is today.

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Back to where it all started

The exhibition unfolds the fascinating story of Carlsberg and Carlsberg's founder, J.C. Jacobsen, and his son, Carl Jacobsen. A story about how disputes between father and son and very different perceptions of beer brewing have shaped Carlsberg. Through interactive games and videos in the exhibition, you will learn more about the science that has played an essential role for Carlsberg since its foundation and its importance for the development of beer worldwide. You will also discover one of the world's largest bottle collections, with 22,000 unopened beer bottles. And that is just a fraction of what the exhibition unfolds.

Extend your visit with a beer tasting and a guided tour

To get the full Home of Carlsberg experience, you can add one or more experiences to your visit. It could be a beer tasting in the old cellars, where our experts will treat you to three beers from Carlsberg's brands. At the same time, they share their extensive knowledge of the beers spiced up with fun anecdotes along the way.

You can also go on a historical guided tour of the old brewery area and the mythical cellars with the story of J.C. Jacobsen's lifelong journey of developing and refining beer. Both activities can be added when you buy a ticket to the exhibition and are in English.

A large free area

Of course, you should also experience the best beer in the world, probably, perfectly served fresh from tap in the cozy Carlsberg Bar, followed by a visit to our majestic draught horses in the stable. End your visit in the lively Brewery Courtyard surrounded by historical buildings or enjoy the quiet oasis in the Sculpture Garden.


You can read more about 'Home of Carlsberg' on their website.

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