Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art

Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art is a must see in Copenhagen for anyone interested in art and architecture.

Den Frie is closed between exhibitions. Please check the website before going.

Den Frie was founded by artists in 1898 and is one of the oldest venues for contemporary art in Denmark. It is in itself a unique and very beautiful wooden building designed by famous artist J.F. Willumsen.

Den Frie’s fundamental aim is to present the very latest in contemporary art. We host exhibitions by national and international artists, all of which address current issues. The extensive programme of exhibitions and events are evidence of Den Frie’s role as an active platform for living art and
art production, and the commitment to contribute to contemporary existence.

With its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, Den Frie is also a popular meeting place for artists, students, tourists and the many locals who pass by. As a visitor you’ll feel welcome and enjoy having your interest in contemporary art stimulated, whether you’re an art connoisseur or a beginner. On top of which the architecture alone is well worth a visit.

Den Frie also houses the café, Polykrom, where you can enjoy a delicious lunch or a well-made cup of coffee.  



An inflatable iceberg that breathes slowly, a landscape of waving take-away cups, a circle of bronze sculptures, a printing press cut in half, and a giant aluminum relief shown for the first time since 1974 are just some of the highlights of the exhibition featuring artists Gerda Thune Andersen, Nina Beier, Jessie Kleemann, Simon Starling, and Gudrun Steen-Andersen, who in 2024 will receive the honorary award from the Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Grant.

Special Effect, May 4 - september 8, 2024

With Special Effect, Atiéna R. Kilfa presents a new body of works consisting of a short film and two large scale pencil drawings. In continuation of Kilfa’s investigation and restructuring of cinematic archetypes, Special Effect homes in on the nondescript figure of a man sitting at a desk. Shot in black and white, the film eerily evokes a timelessness of the figure by bringing it in resonance with pictorial genres reminiscent of various eras from German Expressionist cinema to the golden age of Hollywood film noir, fast forward to its 4K quality of today. By evoking these archetypes, figuration becomes a tool to examine the ciphers which make up our systems and their potential collapse.


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