Head down below the green fields of Søndermarken to discover an underground world, where you will be enveloped in the dark, cold and damp space. The former reservoir dates back to the 19th century and is now being used as a spectacular setting for art exhibitions and events.

Cisternerne, the former water reservoir beneath the Søndermarken park across from Frederiksberg Castle, is a unique exhibition venue in Copenhagen. Buried deep beneath Søndermarken’s green grass in the Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen lurks a massive underground space. Here, you will find a dark, cold and humid underground world reminiscent of abandoned cathedrals and gloomy catacombs. Once, the former Cisternerne contained 16 million liters of drinking water, but now the water is gone and has been replaced by art exhibitions and various events based around its architecture and unique climate.

Opening hours
Currently closed
The upcoming exhibition will open on March, 2020

Søndermarken, Roskildevej 28