The Theatre Museum at The Court Theatre

The Court Theatre is 250 years old and it is the oldest theatre in Denmark; Hans Christian Andersen and Countess Danner among others have performed here.

As a visitor you have access to the entire theatre: to the auditorium, to the sloping stage, to the balconies and the small boxes where kings and queens, princes and princesses have been sitting and are sitting till this day when attending performances and concerts. Why not take a glass or a cup of coffee in this city's most friendly and secret café overlooking the historic Copenhagen skyline.

The Theatre Museum at The Court Theatre is situated at Christiansborg Riding ground right behind the Parliament (Folketinget), in the Copenhagen Cultural Quarter in the middle of the living history of Denmark – in the middle of Castle Island, which for centuries has been an important part of the arts, war, politics and the centre of power.

Café and book sale

The café is one of the most friendly cafés in central Copenhagen, it has a special atmosphere and a beautiful view of Christiansborg Riding ground, and beyond the historic Copenhagen skyline. During the summer there is access to the outdoor balcony. The café is open at the same time as the museum.

Guided tours of The Court Theatre and surroundings are available

The Theatre Museum at The Court Theatre is perfect to visit on your own or as a group for a guided tour. Guided tours are available to all groups regardless of age and affiliation and we adjust the guided tour in accordance with the wishes of the individual group.

Opening hours
Tuesday - Sunday 12:00 - 16:00

Christiansborg Ridebane 18
1218København K