The museum is closed until March 12th 2023

Water reservoir, urban dripstone cave and art gallery

The subterranean space beneath the green lawns of Søndermarken Park works as a breathtaking stage for contemporary art installations. The cold, humid and dark old water reservoir might remind you of long-forgotten cathedrals and gloomy catacombs – it is sparsely illuminated, and the atmosphere evokes fascination and enchantment in both children and adults. 

Every year Cisternerne invite an internationally recognized artist or architect to create an exhibition particularly to this underground space – an exhibition in large scale that interacts with and emphasizes the unique architecture, climate, atmosphere and history of Cisternerne.

In 2022 Cisternerne presents “Multiple Realities”, an exhibition created by the Japanese-born artist Chiharu Shiota. Cisternerne is transformed into a both magical and unsettling place. Chiharu Shiota embraces the sensuous potential of the space and converts Cisternerne to a dreamlike scenery, where deeper layers of the human psyche find an aesthetic expression in rotating dresses, reflections, and maze-like yarn structures.

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