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At STORM you are given an entertaining insight into the importance of Danish humour and satire –historically and today. 

We offer humorous and entertaining stories from our much loved cultural heritage. From artists of the past like Storm P., Liva Weel and Dirch Passer to present day artists like Roald Als, Casper Christensen and Lisbeth Dahl. 

Humorous and satirical art gives not only an entertaining perspective on Denmark’s history from the Constitution Act of 1849 to today, but also a picture of humour and satire as a core element in the Danish national character.

Whether they are unfolded on a stage, on paper, on a screen or among us in daily life, humour and satire occupy a central place in the danish self-understanding.

Humour can be a quiet chuckle at seeing one’s own fallibility reflected and caricatured on a stage or in a cartoon, or it can dent the image of the powers that be. Humour can puncture pomposity and be a vent that makes the difficult easier to deal with. Humour and satire can get us to laugh together and question rigidly established norms and ideas. 


Special Exhibitions (

The censored exhibition on censorship, 18.11.23-20.10.24

Satire is one of the most censored art forms. Throughout centuries, churches and states have criminalized and condemned satire, and even today, various actors attempt to stifle satire. This could be terrorists threatening satirists or social media platforms that exclude them.

It is often said that censorship makes satire less daring and lively, as many are likely to hold back if they risk losing their job, freedom or even their life. However, The Censored Exhibition on Censorship shows that censorship has not only intimidated but also inspired satirists. It has led them to invent new symbols and new ways to circumvent and ridicule censorship.

The exhibition showcases works that have come into existence solely because there have been – and still are – actors trying to silence satirists. It provides a rare insight into how satirists have viewed censorship as a creative challenge rather than a straitjacket since the beginning of the 19th century.

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