Free public transportation

With a Copenhagen Card in hand, you don’t have to worry about traffic zones and ticket prices, as you get unlimited public transport by train, bus, metro, and harbour bus throughout the entire capital region (including to and from the airport).

Copenhagen Zone Map

How does it work?

All you have to do is show your active Copenhagen Card to the ticket inspector upon request once aboard the train/metro/bus. You do not have to tap the card on stations/stops before boarding. Please note, that you cannot use your Copenhagen Card to book/purchase tickets online from DSB.

Area of Coverage

The Copenhagen Card enables you to use to public transportation system in the entire Capital Region and get to all attractions included. This includes all public transportation in the city (metro, buses, S-trains) as well as travel to and from the Airport. Copenhagen Card does also include travel to towns outside Copenhagen, ie. Roskilde, Elsinore (Helsingør), Humlebæk, Rungsted, Hillerød, Køge, Frederikssund, Lejre and many more.


In the inner city you will especially see the red and yellow A-buses as well as the blue C-buses (for example 1A or 5C). These run often with approx. 5.-7. minutes in between during rush hour and 10 minutes in between outside rush hour.
In addition, the blue and yellow S-buses (for example 350S) run approx. every 10 minutes, and these are characterized by having fewer stops and thereby arriving faster.
Finally, there are N-buses (for example 94N), which are night buses that run once an hour, and regular yellow buses  (for example bus 68), which run approx. every 20 minutes.

You must enter the bus in the front (in some buses it may be different), where you also show your Copenhagen Card to the driver. Remember to press the stop button when you need to get off and get out of the back or middle door (some require you to exit at the front door). You are welcome to bring a pram on the buses if there is space. You can also have a dog with you for free, if it can be in a bag - if not, you must buy a child ticket for it.

Harbour buses

Hop on board the environmentally friendly, electric harbour buses and sail through the Copenhagen harbour with your Copenhagen Card. The route consists of 13 stops on each side of the bank, and Havnebussen zig-zags between stops such as Den Sorte Diamant (The Royal Library), Islands Brygge, Nyhavn etc.
NOTE: The harbour buses have two different route numbers depending on whether they sail north or south :

  • Harbour bus 991 - Direction: Teglholmen (south)
  • Harbour bus 992 - Direction: Orientkaj (north)


The metro runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and there are only 2-4 minutes between each metro during rush hour and 3-6 minutes outside rush hour and on weekends. At night, there are 7-20 minutes between each metro. You are welcome to take your bike on the metro outside rush hour, as long as you have a bike ticket. You are also welcome to bring a pram and dog. The dog must be in a bag, and otherwise you must buy a child ticket for it.

There are currently four metro lines in Copenhagen.

  • M1 and M2 run from Vanløse via central Copenhagen to Vestamager and Copenhagen Airport, respectively.
  • M3 is a Cityring, which connects Copenhagen H, Indre By, Østerbro, Nørrebro, Vesterbro and Frederiksberg. At Frederiksberg and Kongens Nytorv you can change to M1 and M2 respectively.
  • M4 is an expansion of the M3 Cityringen, which runs from Copenhagen H towards Østerport and from here to the two new metro stations Nordhavn and Orientkaj.



The red S-trains (S-tog in Danish) in Copenhagen are named with a letter, e.g. line A, B, C and E. The trains run every day from 5 am in the morning to 12:30 am at night, while on Friday and Saturday they run all night. Most trains run every 10 minutes during the day, while in the evenings and on weekends there can be up to 20 minutes between the trains. All trains stop at the stations in the Inner City; including Vesterport, Nørreport and Copenhagen Central Station.

Regional trains

There are also the regional trains that take you to parts of Denmark outside Copenhagen such as Roskilde and Elsinore (Helsingør). In addition, the yellow local trains, Lokalbanen, run from Hillerød and further around North Zealand. You can bring a pram, bicycle and dog in your bag for free on the trains. Dogs that do not fit in a bag must have a child ticket, and in regional trains you must have a bicycle ticket if you have a bicycle with you.

From Copenhagen Central Station to Roskilde
Take the regional train from Copenhagen Central Station towards Holbæk, Vordingborg, Sorø St., or Næstved St. All regional trains stop at Roskilde station. The regional train towards Roskilde runs every 10-20 minutes, and you will be in Roskilde in approx. 25 minutes.

Attractions in Roskilde include:

From Copenhagen Central Station to Hillerød
Take the S-train (purple E-line) from Copenhagen Central Station, platform 9-10, towards Hillerød St. Hillerød is the final station on the E-line. The E-line runs every 10-20 minutes, and you will be in Hillerød in approx. 45 minutes.

Attractions in (and on the way to) Hillerød include:

From Copenhagen Central Station to Helsingør (Elsinore)
Take the regional train from Copenhagen Central Station, platform 1, towards Helsingør St. Helsingør is the final station. The regional train towards Helsingør runs every 20 minutes, and you will be in Helsingør in approx. 45 minutes.

Attractions in (and on the way to) Helsingør include:

Copenhagen Card gives you free public transport throughout the entire Capital Region.
You can plan your journey and get updated travel information via

Please note, that Copenhagen Card cannot be held liable for changes in the timetables issued by DOT.  

Any questions?

Does the Copenhagen Card include public transportation to Elsinore (Helsingør) and Roskilde?

Yes, the Copenhagen Card includes unlimited public transportation in the entire Copenhagen region (zone 1-99), which includes trains to Roskilde and Elsinore. 
See map here.

Does the Copenhagen Card include public transportation to Malmö (Sweden)?

No, Copenhagen Card covers public transportation in the entire Copenhagen region (zone 1-99). Malmö is not part of the Copenhagen region and is not covered by the Copenhagen Card.
See map here. 

Does the Copenhagen Card include transport to and from the airport?

Yes, it does. Copenhagen Card covers all public transportation forms from/to Copenhagen Airport. You get free unlimited public transport in the Copenhagen region (zone 1-99), which includes Copenhagen Airport (zone 4). 

With the Copenhagen Card you can use metro, red S-trains, regional trains (coast line to Elsinore/Helsingør and train to Roskilde), buses, and harbour buses. 

See map here. 

How much money can I save with a Copenhagen Card?

The more attractions you visit, the more money you save. To get an idea about how much you can save, mark your favourite attractions with a heart and let the calculator estimate your savings. And remember: the longer the duration of the card, the better value you get! 

Get more info here. 


Can I bring my children for free on a Copenhagen Card?

Yes, each adult carrying a Copenhagen Card ADULT can, free of charge, bring up to two children between the ages of 0-11. This includes both attractions and public transport.

However, please note that children between the ages of 3-11 must obtain a free Copenhagen Card KIDS (max. two per adult). Children between 12-15 must get a Copenhagen Card JUNIOR.