The Øresund Aquarium

The Øresund Aquarium (Øresundsakvariet) in Elsinore, north of Copenhagen, is a part of the University of Copenhagen’s museums and also an information and research center for water environment – and a ”must see” for everybody interested in the marine life in the Danish waters.

The aquarium is a locally placed saltwater aquarium specialized in the marine life in Oresund (Øresund). It is placed close to the northern harbor of Elsinore and with the sound as a close neighbor.

Visiting the aquarium will give you a thorough insight into the colorful and fascinating world, which is found on the seabed of the Danish waters and fiords.

Touch pools for children and grown-ups

The Øresund Aquarium is equipped with four different types of aquariums: biotope aquariums, theme aquariums, the touch pool for grown-ups (with for example rays and small sharks) and the very popular children’s touch pool, where children can touch crabs, sea stars and flatfish. 

The Water Laboratory – a small piece of Øresund

At the harbor – approximately a one-minute walk from the aquarium – you will find the new outdoor Water Laboratory. Here we show you a small natural piece of Øresund.

It is established with stone reef, sand beds and banks of seaweed and you can experience lots of exciting fish and crabs. The Øresund Aquarium often puts new fish and animals into the basin, so there is always something to look at and study. 

Activities at the aquarium

During school holidays the Øresund Aquarium organizes several activities for children and their families, for example, crab-catching at the Water Laboratory, special ”Touch living sea creatures”-events and dissections of various sea animals.

We also offer boat trips on the Øresund where we are watching for the small whale – the porpoise – as well as the elusive tuna fish and wild seabirds. 

Please note that the aquarium is closed on the 24th, 25th & 31st of December + 1st of January

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Opening Hours

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Sunday: 10:00 - 17:00

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Tuesday: 10:00 - 17:00
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