Kronborg Castle

Historical Experiences for the Whole Family at Kronborg Castle

At Kronborg Castle, the entire family can meet Holger Danske, experience fascinating history, participate in lively guided tours with our skilled castle hosts, view changing exhibitions, and immerse themselves in engaging historical quests during all school holidays. Children have free admission.

During your visit to Kronborg Castle, you can explore the castle with our knowledgeable castle hosts, who vividly share information about all the things you didn’t know you wanted to know. Dive into Kronborg’s significance for the Danes in the exhibition “Forever and Always Kronborg,” featuring a brand-new painting by Thomas Kluge. In school holidays, we offer immersive historical quests for the whole family. And don’t miss the popular exhibition “Monster – Creatures with Big Emotions,” developed by the multidisciplinary artist Shane Brox, which helps children and adults discuss emotions.

For over 500 years, Kronborg Castle has stood in a strategically important location where the Øresund Strait is narrowest, allowing control over the entrance to the Baltic Sea. It’s here that King Christian IV ran around the castle’s stairs as a child and through its magnificent halls. And it’s here that Holger Danske sleeps in the casemates, ready to awaken when Denmark is in need.

Today, Kronborg Castle is open to the public and is part of the National Museum of Denmark. You can explore the old Renaissance castle, where there are clear traces of its inhabitants, including old inscriptions of names on the walls. In the Dance Hall, you’ll quickly sense the castle’s grandeur during its heyday. The king’s parties were so extravagant that Kronborg Castle was once known as Europe’s wildest nightclub. Allegedly, these parties inspired the renowned playwright Shakespeare to set his famous drama “Hamlet” right here.

In 2000, Kronborg Castle was also designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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