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With a unique location in Copenhagen’s historic centre, near tourist attractions, the harbour boats, design companies and galleries, Designmuseum Danmark is a working archive and the entrance to Denmark as a design destination. 

Experience one of the world’s largest collections of Danish design, counting works by Finn Juhl, Arne Jacobsen, Poul Kjærholm, Verner Panton and Hans Wegner. In addition, the collections cover applied art and design from Art Nouveau to contemporary Danish design and include glass, ceramics, fashion, textile and poster art.

The museum, situated right next to Amalienborg, is one of the finest examples of rococo architecture in Copenhagen. It offers thematic design exhibitions, special events, guided tours and workshops.

Visitors are also invited to explore our beautiful garden, the café with indoor and outdoor service, the museum shop, and library.

Special exhibitions:

PROUD, 5/10/23-29/9/14

Welcome to a contemporary narrative about folk and regional costumes. In the exhibition titled PROUD, visitors can explore 21 modern folk costumes created by designer Nicholas Nybro. These costumes are opulent, beautiful, humorous, distinctive, and thought-provoking, each telling stories about a region's identity, diversity, environmental spirit, and sense of belonging. Nybro, in his unique fashion, plays with symbols and aesthetics, challenging our perception of everyday wear, party wear, work attire, and costumes. Colors, materials, and designs unfold in a thrilling display of diversity.

IRMA – A DESIGN STORY, 1/2/24-11/8/24
Step into the iconic blue Irma universe: The exhibition IRMA - A DESIGN STORY invites the audience to explore the fascinating design story of the supermarket chain Irma and unfolds the story of the supermarket that brought art and design into people's everyday lives.
IN LOVE & WAR, 26/4/24-5/1/25
Images of heroic warriors in battle and beautiful young people can be experienced in the exhibition 'In Love and War' at Designmuseum Danmark. The exhibition showcases carefully selected Japanese woodblock prints from the museum's large collection of Japanese craftsmanship.
In Love & War provides a rare glimpse into a period in Japan’s history when the shogun ruled and the country was isolated from the outside world. Here, the audience can experience images of beautiful young men and women from the so-called Edo period (1600-1868), when the Tokugawa shogunate ruled from the capital Edo, today Tokyo – as well as images of samurai and modern graphic war images from the Meiji period (1868-1912), where feudal rule under the shogun was replaced by a constitutional monarchy under Emperor Meiji. The title of the exhibition refers to the proverb “In love and war, all is fair” and alludes to the visual impact of the famous Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints, one of the foremost art forms of the Edo period. The distinctive expression in the ukiyo-e idealized the daily life of the prostitutes of that time and served as visual propaganda in the form of war images with nationalist and patriotic undertones.

The Future is Present, 19.6.22-31.12.24

Is society more diverse or more homogeneous in the future? How will we prioritize and design our communities? How do we create healthy and nourishing relationships? Will our behavior become more socially oriented, or will we be further apart and become isolated? Which human values will be more important? What will the future look like, and what will design look like in the future?

Currently, designers around the world are working on solving some of our global challenges. Thinking radically and creatively, allowing themselves to be guided by both reason and emotion. They search extensively for inspiration, ask different questions, and envision themselves in the communities, whose lives they want to improve.

Akut, series 

Welcome to an exhibition about what is happening on the design scene right now. AKUT showcases everything from trends and tendencies to design, which address current issues and provide new perspectives on design and crafts.

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