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In the heart of Copenhagen’s historical district right by the canalside lies Gammel Strand, an art institution focusing on modern and contemporary art. Gammel Strand showcases 6-8 exhibitions annually focusing on new Danish talent, the international contemporary art scene and artists art-historical themes in a present-day perspective.

In connection with the series of exhibitions Gammel Strand regularly presents a per­spec­tivizing programme of events involving talks and debates, literature readings, concerts and guided tours.

Visitors can also enjoy a break in the café with the charming courtyard, and buy art books, posters, and design items in the shop. 

This spring, Gammel Strand presents an extensive exhibition with Yael Bartana (b.1970, Israel).

Through video works, photography and installations, Bartana explores current, complex issues of national and cultural identity, trauma and power structures. The exhibition presents a wide range of Bartana’s work, from early video works and photo series to her latest comprehensive film work Malka Germania (2021).

The exhibition runs from 2 February to the end of May 2024.


Special Exhibitions (

In the Shadow of Burning Light, 7/6/24-8/9/24

In just a few years, Christina Quarles has become a significant name on the international art scene. Now, she is being shown for the first time in the Nordic region in this extensive solo exhibition.

The Time Before, 21/6/24–8/9/24

Anna Bjerger and Chantal Joffe present poetically strong paintings, showcasing a painterly kinship between two artists whose lives and works have intertwined.

As young artists, Anna Bjerger and Chantal Joffe shared a studio, building a close relationship and a tight collaborative environment. Women, children, potted plants, fashion, and detailed, intimate scenes comprise the subject matter that characterizes both artists' universes. The upcoming exhibition at Gammel Strand delves into the narrative of friendship, community, and the loneliness of being in the middle of life and longing for what has already passed.

Chantal Joffe (b. 1969) is a British Artist known for her paintings of people, some very large, often of family and friends, the emotional intensity of relationships between people and how that can be painted are what interest her. Chantal graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland and The Royal College of Art in London.

Anna Bjerger (b. 1973) is a Swedish artist living and working in Småland. She graduated from Central St. Martins School of Art and Design and The Royal College of Art in London. In her poetic and figurative paintings, Bjerger explores subjects from the intimate sphere, ranging from a coffee cup or a pair of shoes to friendships and other close relationships.

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