Nikolaj Kunsthal

Nikolaj Kunsthal presents especially Danish, but also international contemporary art in unique historical surroundings in the middle of Copenhagen. 

Nikolaj Kunsthal is located in the former St. Nikolaj Church, Copenhagen’s third oldest church with one of the tallest towers in the city – a unique setting for contemporary art Europe-wide. The beautiful architecture is part of an interaction with changing exhibitions, most recently by Ditte Ejlerskov, Nikoline Liv Andersen, David Lynch, HuskMitNavn, Leonard Cohen and others. Nikolaj Kunsthal focuses on Copenhagen’s contemporary art scene and is preoccupied with art meetings across genres, media and formats. The art centre also regularly presents concerts, performances, guided tours, dinners, talks, etc.



Shane Brox: Beauty in the Beast: 8.9.23-21.1.24

Do you ever wonder what would come tumbling out from your true self if you really took down your defenses?  If you dared to shed your armor, stand emotionally naked and vulnerable and revert to a state of a pre-conditioned, non-judgmental and more authentic self? This is the on-going process that Shane Brox explores with his ethereal soft sculptures created from recycled foam, acrylic paint and vintage textiles. 

To enter Shane Brox’ inner world is to be transported to the mental freedom of childhood where the aim is for curiosity, creativity, and trust to take center stage. Playful and stimulating, this strange and unpredictable universe surrounds you. Drawing on references as diverse as pulp fiction and psychedelia to folkloric art and totemic fetishes, the mind and heart has opened to let loose creatures that are trippy, comical, creepy, or just beautiful. Sound, sight, touch and even vibration play their parts in this otherworld. It is a visceral celebration of what lies within if we have the courage to let it out. 

Samara Sallam & Kate Sterchi: Sacred Internet in Climatime: 8.9.23-15.10.24

Sacred Internet in Climatime is a digital spell woven with words spoken between Samara Sallam and Kate Sterchi from winter solstice (2020) to summer solstice (2021). In this video, words in motion collide, mutate, obstruct, and disappear into a void. Words are a participatory though transient part of storytelling as their meanings multiply with the stories held by the listener. Installed in a small alcove, in a stairwell between floors, the viewer stands in a threshold to listen and watch.

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09.02.2023 - 31.12.2023:
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Nikolaj Plads 10

1067 København K