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The Copenhagen Card lets you make the most out of your trip, so you can visit top sights and attractions, and use free public transport whilst saving time, money and stress.
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1. Buy cards

Choose which type of card best suits your trip to Copenhagen. The Copenhagen Card is available as a 24, 48, 72, or 120 hour card both for adults and children. Children aged 0-9 can go free when accompanying an adult with a Copenhagen Card. Children aged 10-15 need a child’s card.

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2. Print & collect

Bring your printed pdf voucher with you to Copenhagen and redeem it at one of the four centrally located redemption centers in Copenhagen, e.g. at service information in Copenhagen Airport.

You can also have cards sent to your home address.

3. Validate & enjoy!

You must write the start date and time on the card when you start using your card. Show your card at each attraction and upon request by the transport authorities. ENJOY your stay in Copenhagen!

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How does the Copenhagen Card works?

Copenhagen Card is your all-inclusive city pass where you get free admission to museums and attractions and free public transportation. Show the valid card at the entrance or ticket office of any attraction. They will scan your card and give you entrance at no further costs. Show your valid card to the transportation authority upon request when using public transportation. 

If I order online how do I receive my Copenhagen Card?

You can easily preorder online and choose to collect your card in Copenhagen with a voucher. You can e.g. collect your card in Copenhagen Airport and start using it right away to get to the city center. 
You can also have the cards sent to your home address. Please be aware of a delivery fee. 
Check out Collect & Ship for more information. 

Where can I collect my Copenhagen Card with my voucher?
  • Copenhagen Airport Service information, Terminal 3 (arrival hall)
  • Copenhagen Info, Copenhagen Central Station
  • Copenhagen Visitor Service, Vesterbrogade 4b
  • Tivoli Box Office, Vesterbrogade 3

Need more information? 

How do I activate my card?

You must write start date and time on the card with a pen before going on any public transportation or before entering an attraction. The card is not valid before you have supplied it with start date and time. The card is activated the first time it is scanned. 

Is there a limit to how many attractions I can visit in one day?

With a Copenhagen Card, there is no limit to how many different attractions you can visit in one day. You’re welcome to use your card for entry at as many attractions as you can possibly fit into your day. 
The Copenhagen Card entitles the holder to one visit per attractions despite card type. Re-visit is not possible. 

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Order your Copenhagen Card today and choose whether to have it shipped or to collect on arrival.

NB! Please note that prices will increase slightly per April 1, 2019. Pre-order your Copenhagen Card today.

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