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Skt. Laurentius

Sankt Laurentii Church with the famous brick floor is situated 2 meters below Stændertorvet. In the church ruin there is a small museum with archaeological findings from the excavation of 1998.

In the top of the church tower, you can see the old prison cells. There is also a pair of virtual reality-binoculars, that shows the view over Stændertorvet from the church tower throughout history.

Just like the other medieval churches in Roskilde, Sankt Laurentii is made by the local material travertine, while later reconstructions have used red bricks. On the late middle ages, the ships were extended towards the west, where the existing church tower also stands. Before the stone church, there was a small wooden church.

The church tower was build around 1500, and is devoted to one of the most popular medieval saints, Sankt Laurentius. A relic of him is inserted in the towers outer walls.
When the church was demolished during the Reformation, the tower was sparred and was now functioning as the ‘city tower’. It got a worldly role in the city life – it became the place for bell ringing and the place, from where the city fire guards was situated. In 1731, the town hall was burned down. Four years later, a new was build in extension to Sankt Laurentii Tower. The church tower was now the town hall tower.

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