Info on COVID-19

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we urge you to follow the instructions from the authorities.

The government has proclaimed that COVID-19 has the status of a socially critical disease in Denmark. This means that you must show a Corona passport when visiting attractions, restaurants, nightclubs, bars etc.
The Corona passport is a document indicating you're fully vaccinated, previously infected or tested negative for Corona. You can read more details about the Corona passport here.  

From September 10, 2021 there are no restrictions in terms of face masks and shields when you visit Copenhagen and all its sights, attractions, restaurants and more. Please stay updated on potential rules and restrictions on

We still encourage you to keep a distance and be respectful to those around you.

Face masks/shields are still required at the airport.


Contact the Joint Danish Authorities Hotline: +45 7020 0233