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The new Copenhagen Card Go is for you who wish to explore Copenhagen’s attractions without using public transportation. Get an overview of the card's specifications right here.

Copenhagen Card Go is a light version of the original card. With this card, you can visit up to 5 attractions, including many top attractions. Note that Copenhagen Card Go only include selected attractions. Explore the 46 museums and attractions you can visit with your Copenhagen Card Go below.

The card is available as a digital 48-hours card for both adults (16+) and children (10-15) and does not include public transportation. The card entitles the holder to one visit per attraction despite card type. Re-visit is not possible.

Please notice that Copenhagen Card Go is valid until the 31st of December 2020.


Copenhagen Card Go
CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. WILL RE-OPEN MARCH 2021. Memorial rooms to King Frederik VII and his wife Countess Danner, Orphanage history department, exhibition of ancient Danish gold besides annual special exhibitions
Willumsens Museum is a museum for the Danish artist Jens Ferdinand Willumsen’s art and art collection, as well as his archive and books.
According to written sources from the middle ages, it was in the area surrounding Lejre Museum, that the birth of the Danish realm took place.
Bakkehuset is a living embodiment of the Danish Golden Age
Frederikssund Museum is Roskilde fjord's cultural history museum. Frederikssund Museum's new permanent exhibition deals with the interaction between man, life around the fjords and Frederikssund's history.
Gammel Holtegaard is an art center with a programme of three to four ambitious exhibitions a year, both in the gallery of the main house and in the Baroque garden.
Take a trip to Køge Museum and enjoy an experience you'll never forget.
Nikolaj Kunsthal exhibits Danish and international contemporary art in the heart of Copenhagen. The art centre is located in the former St.
Museum for pop, rock and youth culture! See, hear and feel your way through the history of rhythmic music from 1950s rock'n'roll, through1980s pop culture to today's wild rhythms - and get an idea of tomorrow's music scene.
Danish history told through humour and satire.
Storm P. Museum and humour and satire in art and Danish cartoons Here you can meet the man and artist Storm P. (1882-1949) and his humoristic and quirky universe.
Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, north of Copenhagen, is one of northern Europe's finest Renaissance castles. It is located at the entrance to Øresund and was built in 1574-1585.
ARKEN Museum of Modern Art in Ishøj south of Copenhagen presents exhibitions with Danish, Nordic and international art – from new, young talents to established names
Due to the covid-19 situation, all visitors must pre-book an entry slot before arrival. Book your slot here.
Museum with indoor and outdoor performances. Visitors can see displays with falcons, hawks and eagles at a very close distance.
Start your exploration of Copenhagen at Danish Architecture Center (DAC).
The Fairy-tale House in Copenhagen guides the audience through a series of brilliant tableaux depicting the universally known fairy-tales by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen.
Due to the COVID-19 situation, all visitors must pre-book their visit online before arrival.
Visit Vedbækfundene Museum and meet the hunter-gatherers who lived a tough and dangerous life 7000 years ago!
M/S Maritime Museum in Elsinore is one of the most talked about museums in recent years. It has been named ‘A cutting-edge cultural venue’ by New York Times and ‘One of the eight greatest new museums’ by BBC.
The exhibition at the Danish Jewish Museum in Copenhagen is a broad presentation of Jewish life in Denmark throughout 400 years, and is a selection from the museum's own collection.
Danish Museum of Science and Technology is a universe full of experiences for curious children and adults
Kunsthal Charlottenborg is one of the largest and most beautiful exhibition spaces for contemporary art in Northern Europe. The Dutch-inspired baroque palace housing the exhibition halls is an addition to the historical Charlottenborg Palace.
Join a guided tour around the harbor and through the idyllic canals where your guide will tell you about Copenhagen's beautiful churches, castles, old listed houses, n
Due to the covid-19 situation, it is necessary to pre-book your visit before arrival so that you will get the best and safest experience in the gardens. Please pre-book your visit here. 
At the Rudolph Tegner Museum and Statue park in Dronningmølle north of Copenhagen, you can view the work of Danish sculptor Rudolph Tegner (1873 - 1950).
With its distinctive spiral ramp, the Round Tower is one of Denmark’s best-known and most visited structures. A historical place that also houses exhibitions, concerts and activities for young and old.
Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art is a must see in Copenhagen for anyone interested in art and architecture.
In Copenhagen ZOO, you can meet more than 4,000 fascinating animals and travel between continents in just one day.
The Hirschsprung Collection is an art museum in a class of its own located in Copenhagen. 
Frederiksborg Castle is situated in Hillerød, north of Copenhagen. This impressive and unrivaled Renaissance castle was built in the first decades of the 17th century by the Danish King Christian 4.
TEMPORARILY CLOSED. RE-OPENS APRIL 2021. The Karen Blixen Museum is located directly by the Øresund Sound in Rungstedlund, an enchanting park and bird sanctuary north of Copenhagen.
Experience an architectural masterpiece, where 1000 years of Danish history and 40 kings and queens lies buried under beautifully decorated vaults and in dark crypts. The Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site. 
Due to the COVID-19 situation, all visitors must pre-book an entry slot before arrival. The booking can be done here.
Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is located in the center of Copenhagen and the museum collection consists primarily of works of art and archaeological objects from Ancient Egypt, the worlds of Ancient Greece and Rome, Etruscan Culture, as well as Danish and French art of the 19th century.
SMK – The National Gallery of Denmark
Out of this world entertainment for the whole family
Experience the history of Roskilde, once one of the most powerful cities in northern Europe and a religious epicentre in the medieval ages. Follow the traces of the past and meet the people who once lived here.
Due to the covid-19 situation, all visitors must pre-book an entry slot at before arrival. 
Ever seen a letter written on a grain of rice? Ever met anyone who can whistle with a mouth full of tennis and billiard balls?
Records galore at the only Guinness World Records museum in Europe. The most incredible world records from all over. The fastest, highest, strongest … etc. That’s what you meet at this museum.
Mysterious! A hands-on experience house putting all your senses to the test. Horror, illusions and eerie, mysterious phenomena are the themes at The Mystic Exploratie’s dark hallways.
The Viking Ships in Roskilde
Your Fast Track to Copenhagen History
Copenhagen Contemporary is Copenhagen's international art center showing installation art created by world stars and new emerging talents.
Use the city as a playground and dive into murder mysteries built on real life events.
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