Storm P. Museum

Storm P. Museum and humour and satire in art and Danish cartoons

Here you can meet the man and artist Storm P. (1882-1949) and his humoristic and quirky universe.

If any personality was responsible for influencing and shaping Danish humour and self-awareness in the 20th century, it was Storm P. Through his countless daily comic strips, he described life in a way that made him an intrinsic part of Denmark’s cultural heritage and identity. At the museum, you can discover his studio, pipe collection, colourful paintings (on loan until October), famous cartoons, newspaper comic strips, philosophical sound bites and wacky inventions.

Digital communication, children’s activities and special exhibitions which always provide new and unexpected perspectives on art, comics and popular culture. Works by the Danish cartoonist Flemming Quist Møller will be on display in 2017 from May until the autumn half-term, and The Big Comic Exhibition will be on show from November to April 2018.

Opening hours
Tuesday - Sunday 11:00 - 17:00


Frederiksberg Runddel