Solve a Mystery

Use the city as a playground and dive into murder mysteries built on real life events.

'Solve A Mystery' is a concept where you must work together in a group to solve funny, versatile tasks together and find the killer. 

You use the city as your playground and interact with the historic surroundings of Copenhagen. 

Pick up the envelope at Nyhavn 38, 1057 Copenhagen.

You open the envelope outside the Castle and take out the murder mystery. A brutal murder has been committed. It’s your job to find the killer. You will be guided around a historical setting while you solve puzzles and tasks. Good luck... you need it:) 

Players per group: 1-4. The murder mystery can be played at any time.

Playing Time: approx. 2 hours

Opening hours
Monday - Friday 10:00-16:00
Saturday - Sunday 10:00-17:00

Nyhavn 38