The Shipyard Museum

The Shipyard Museum is about the time where the city’s shipyard built ships, and the working class was growing.

Helsingør Shipyard Museum is a story about hard work, noise, pride, and solidarity in times past where the shipyard whistle controlled the life of the city. Economic as well as work wise, socially, culturally and politically the shipyard was the natural central point.

The shipyard was by far the biggest workplace. When the shipyard whistle announced lunch and closing time it was like experiencing a cycling race. Hundreds of cyclists fought to be the first to come home, whereas the way to work was calmer.

The Shipyard was the driving force in the new Helsingør after the time of Sound Toll that secured thousands of families their bread and butter and tax for the city. The shipyard museum informs of the workplace and the shipyard city over 100 years and secures memories and reminiscences from a time where Helsingør was an industrial town, self-sufficient with jobs.

Opening hours
Thursday to Sunday
11:00 - 15:00
1st July to 15th August
All days 11:00 - 15:00

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